Archive - Apr 2007

April 28th

Running wild

With the beautiful weather, things really broke loose at the nursery today. Joe had three full seminars for his perennial lecture, and Dad, Aaron, Jordan and I were in the bare root building selling trees for much of the day.

During the offseason, I have nightmares about days like this. People waiting for help. Other people hanging on to you as long as possible for reasons which I have not yet understood. The squeaky wheel's get the grease, and I think we inevitably loose the business of some nice people who just don't care to elbow their way to the front.

April 26th

Perfect spring day

It doesn't get any better than today. About seventy degrees, still, sunny. Perfect.

No time to sit still. We were busy with customers from morn until sunset. Joe gave a seminar on perennials tonight which was overflowing. The people stayed and wandered the greenhouses.

After the busy day, I came home and walked out on the ramp I built out into the swamp last summer when the water was down. I just stood there for a couple of minutes and watched lots happen.

April 25th

Perham and Hendrum

April 24th

$176 million wasted, annually

This made me laugh. The nanny state fails again. Imagine that, a government education program has no effect on behavior. Right-wing government education programs that want to enforce morality are just as stupid as left-wing government educational programs which try to get people to be nice to each other.

April 23rd


Ah, it is fun to see Pat Neshek do his job. He came in with the bases loaded and two outs in the top of the ninth and struck the guy out. Glen Perkins and Juan Rincon did their job as well. The bullpen has done well.

RE: Birds. So far, one person has argued that the long-beaked critter below is a snipe. Rev. Robin Roaster weighs in that it is an American woodcock. He says it tastes like chicken.

New birds

Busy season begins

Rarely has there been such a sudden beginning to the busy season at the nursery. As of last Wednesday, trees are flying out the door. It is a good thing. People seem in a planting mood. The weather is beautiful. The rain was needed.

Yesterday was the first Sunday we were open. It was busy all afternoon. Apple trees are the big item right now.

April 20th

The media asleep at the wheel

Bill Moyers is at it again. Notice who didn't talk to him.

Running around

It has been a couple of busy days. You schedule days like this in the winter when things are slow, forgetting that running around in circles gets tiring and that you can't be in two places at once.

April 19th

Chinese dissidents

To me, the news in this article is an outrage.

Can you imagine back during the Cold War what would have happened if American companies would have cooperated with the Soviet authorities in rooting out dissidents and sending them to the torture chamber?

Oh, but now China produces our cheap laptops and t-shirts. Suddenly our concerns about the human rights of their people have evaporated.