Archive - Jun 2007

June 29th

Perfect weather

The past three days have been beautifully cool. Today, the sun came out. It is ideal June weather.

Things are beautiful on the swamp. Today, two new broods emerged from the weeds: A family of mergansers and a family of blue-winged teal. The teal are especially playful, diving under the water and popping up, shaking their head, then diving again as if they are trying to remove a cocklebur from the back of their head.

June 28th

Prophetic Valentine

Two old gladiators

June 27th


In 1952, tiny Halstad met big, bad Thief River Falls in the Region 8 basketball final. The game was held in Thief River Falls. And Halstad upset Thief River to advance to the state tournament and become the media darlings of the entire state. I am spending this summer completing a book on Halstad's 1952 season.

Lots of Traffic

In the past two weeks, visits to this site have gone up dramatically. Yesterday, the web-counter showed that there were 899 visitors. That is the most ever. I can't figure why the spike in hits, since I haven't been writing any more than usual or putting up any more pictures than usual, but it is fun. And it motivates me to keep posting at least once per day. Thanks for checking in, whoever you are and wherever you are.


Went up to Crookston today to play for the residents at the Villa St. Vincent assisted living. Most of the people were familiar. I have been up there several times, both at the nursing home and at the assisted living.

June 26th

Good cop

Got stopped coming into Grand Forks this afternoon. I was cruising by the beet plant, and I meant to slow down, I really did, but I was doing 44 m.p.h. in a 30 m.p.h. zone.

The cop was about as polite as you could imagine. I groveled. I said I was off in la la land, daydreaming, and goodness knows how fast I was going, just do what you have to.

He asked when my last ticket was and I truly couldn't remember. When he checked, my record for the past ten years was clean. Wow! I wasn't aware that it had been that long.

June 25th

Ma and cygnet


A weblog reader and grass expert corrects the caption I put on the picture below:

Sorry to report your picture of quack is not, in fact, quack. It is smooth bromegrass, a widely utilized introduced forage grass.

June 24th

Leave it to the Chinese...

Last winter before I went to China, I saw a quote which said something to the effect that China has one billion people who don't follow instructions. That observation was borne out during our visit.

In that light, Cousin Roy, our host in China last winter, wrote tonight: