Archive - Jun 16, 2007


I am sure there will be a concerted attempt to discredit this man, despite his impeccable credentials.


Everybody I talk to asks me right away: "Are you still off coffee?"

Yes I am. I haven't had a cup of caffienated coffee in over a month. I did have a cup of decaf this morning, and I thought it tasted awful.

I haven't completely given up caffiene, as I still like chocolate and I drink some root beer. But when I had a Coke at noon the other day, then followed it up with a root beer float at 3 p.m., and a dab of chocolate ice cream at six p.m., I was up until two in the morning, wide awake, full of ideas.

Cell phones

I have gotten some interesting responses on the column I wrote earlier this week on cell phones.

One wrote that he had spent some time in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Although it was rough, and he sent some bleak pictures of the place, he said the punishment of sending rude cell phone users there wasn't nearly harsh enough.


Spent the past two days at a retreat for the board members of all six of the Minnesota Initiative Funds. The retreat was held at Grand View Resort in Nisswa.

The main speaker was a futurist named Ed Barlow. He spoke for two-and-a-half hours on the future and what the trends are. He gives over 120 speeches a year. Somebody said that he charges $8000 per appearance.

Unlike most motivational speakers, Barlow is a little, scholarly-looking man with thick glasses. He talks a blue streak. Some of his observations: