Archive - Jun 19, 2007


Word from Iraq

An exerpt from a note I received from a serviceman in Iraq this morning:
...when your blog moves away from nature and bird pictures (which I enjoy the most as I miss home) and focuses on making the military look like we are all child killers, rapists and love torture, I am unsure of your motives. It has already been news, why do I keep getting dragged through the mud?

There is always the risk when one criticizes the conduct of a war that one will be perceived as not supporting the armed forces.

Old Churches

On Sunday, I gave a talk on old churches in an old church, Hafslo Church, which now sits on the ground of the Polk County Museum in Crookson.

Every face in the audience was familiar. I was preaching to the choir. They had regathered at the church only fifteen minutes after the funnel cloud south of Crookston disappeared and the sirens shut off.

Ninety-four year old Agnes from the Villa nursing home was there. She's so sharp. She pitched in during my talk, correcting me at times, agreeing at times, tossing in some stories of her own.