Archive - Jun 23, 2007

I'm exempt, you're not

This guy is out of control. He doesn't have any vocal defenders left, but I know there are a slew of people who just plain like how he operates. I think he's a true rogue.

Summer heat

The heat and humidity have hit full force. Thanks goodness for air conditioning.

The air conditioner at the Swamp Castle has been struggling to keep up. When it got warm last week, I was sweating it out. Heating and cooling man Brian came yesterday and it with freon. Right away things cooled down. Best of all, the air conditioner started sucking the humidity right out of the house. The pipe draining the unit was running a steady stream. It is hard for me to imagine that much moisture being in the air. I didn't drink it, although I suppose it is distilled and wouldn't hurt.

Summer heat