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June 24th

Sunday photo safari

With the busy season over at the nursery, I finally felt like going out and taking some photos as I usually do on Sunday afternoons during quieter times of the year.

On the prairie, thunderheads are our mountains.

A little late

Man, I hate to be late for things. And yesterday, I was running late to a wedding for a former employee and daughter of faithful weblog readers and friends Chuck and Barb.

The wedding was down Highway 59, south of Detroit Lakes. I got off to a good start, but there was construction and an accident at the intersection of U. S. Highways 10 and 59. So, I ended up behind schedule.

I rushed down the highway as fast as I could without rousing the attention of law enforcement, and I pulled into the resort where the wedding was to be held right at three p.m.

June 23rd

I'm exempt, you're not

This guy is out of control. He doesn't have any vocal defenders left, but I know there are a slew of people who just plain like how he operates. I think he's a true rogue.

Summer heat

The heat and humidity have hit full force. Thanks goodness for air conditioning.

The air conditioner at the Swamp Castle has been struggling to keep up. When it got warm last week, I was sweating it out. Heating and cooling man Brian came yesterday and it with freon. Right away things cooled down. Best of all, the air conditioner started sucking the humidity right out of the house. The pipe draining the unit was running a steady stream. It is hard for me to imagine that much moisture being in the air. I didn't drink it, although I suppose it is distilled and wouldn't hurt.

Summer heat

June 22nd


June 20th

Morrie Holm

Public access, Sandhill Lake

June 19th

A new Santana?

Something very strange happened tonight. Johan Santana shut out the New York Mets while striking out only one batter. One. At the same time, Santana walked nobody, a departure from his tendencies so far this year, and he threw a minimal number of pitches, another welcome change.