Archive - Jun 2007

June 14th


Yesterday, I performed in front of 180 kids between the ages of 5 and 11 years old at the Crookston Library. The occasion was the kick-off of a summer reading program run by my dear first grade teacher, Mrs. Wick.

I get more nervous before speaking to kids than anything. They are in a different world, one that I am not used to. Sometimes I can get on their level and have fun, other times it just goes clunk.

Before it began, I was talking to a couple of boys in the front. I asked them, what is the name of this group?

June 12th

More Torii

Here's more on Torii Hunter's loquaciousness. I do think his efforts to increase the number of black baseball players are noble. I do not think he needed to wade into the Joe Mauer situation.

Hunter does it again

Blogger Howard Sinker, a former sportswriter for the Star Tribune, writes that he wants to hear what ballplayers, in particular, Torii Hunter, have to say about various issues.


June 11th


It took until June 11 to get the first real heat of the season. And boy, did it hit today.

Nothing ends the planting season more quickly than heat. Today, we have had just a handful of customers at the nursery. You can feel things turning the corner into summer. Our hours shorten today to a more reasonable 8:30-5:00, although I am sure some stragglers will come in after closing.

June 10th


June 8th


June 7th


Finally, we got a good downpour today. And it really came down. The big greenhouse flooded, which is harmless, and business slowed to a crawl.

For the first time since snowmelt, the swamp showed a measurable rise in water level. I keep watching the water level on various sticks around the pond, and I am guessing that today the level is up two to three inches.

In the wet wind, the birds are hiding out, with the exception of the red-winged blackbirds and the swans, who are carrying on pretty much as normal.

June 6th

View from my window

First Hatch

Just now as I was overlooking the swamp from the crow's nest, a mama woodduck and no fewer than 10 ducklings came out of the reeds to play around in the shallows.

Woodduck ducklings don't line up in rows. They are independent and pretty much play leapfrog, running and paddling in little bursts. Papa woodduck is nowhere to be seen.