Archive - Jun 2007

June 4th

The interrogators

Here is a good article about what torture does to those who do the torturing.

June 3rd

Tales of Woe

A customer just complimented me on my columns, so I asked him, "what should I write about tonight?"

He paused, and said, "Just be positive."

Ha! If he only knew how hard that's going to be today, what with Johan Santana walking more batters than he strikes out against Oakland. I was going to sneak home to watch the game, but now I am glad I did not.

June 1st

Slow, slower, Slowey

Despite the lack of a blazing fastball, Kevin Slowey has waltzed through the minor leagues and will make his major league debut for the Twins tonight in Oakland.

Slowey's statistics have been turning heads, but what really got my attention was when he was asked his reaction to being called up to the majors. "I am absolutely elated!" Elated? How many major league rookies even know the word?