Archive - Jul 2007

July 30th

Castillo trade

The Twins traded second baseman Luis Castillo to the New York Mets two hours before the game tonight. Reportedly, the Twins players are angry at the trade. I suspect Torii Hunter will be amongst the first to whine. I think the team could afford to play with a little anger. Torii has been playing half asleep lately. Trades like this can do a team good. Team chemistry is a strange thing. Sometimes you can add by subtracting.

Leo and Bruna

View from Minneapolis hotel room

July 26th

Drunken astronauts

Some people might be shocked by the notion of astronauts drinking a lot. I was too when I first heard of it.

I stayed at a bed and breakfast a few years ago which was started by a retired couple. The husband was retired from NASA. He was an engineer. He played a big role in helping Apollo XIII get back to the ground after it was damaged by an explosion. He later worked on Star Wars technology.

Household hint

My air conditioner has a remote control which doubles as the thermostat. It is kind of handy, but I just discovered that leaving the thermostat remote under a hot desk lamp can make the house very, very cold in a hurry.

Funeral at St. John's

Alma Kyllander's funeral was held at St. John's Church just down the road from the nursery. Brother Joe and I sang. The church isn't as old as many around here--I believe they put up the present building in the early 1960s--but it is no less beautiful than any old church.

I have sung there for a couple of funerals in the past, and at each one, the rear double doors were thrown open and I could see out across the fields while singing, which is sort of a unique experience. It takes away any nervousness. You are singing to the corn, with people in the foreground.

July 25th

Reusse agrees

Only two hours after I posted here that the Twins should trade Joe Nathan now, Patrick Reusse mentions it in his column for tomorrow. You heard it here first.

Cranky old Patrick adds one name to the list which should be on the block: Luis Castillo. I would hate to see Castillo go, since I got used to his style of play only about a month ago, but Reusse's right. He will be a free agent at the end of the year, too, and could leave without any compensation.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Actually, it is tomorrow. She is a vigorous seventy. Send greetings to

UPDATE: Mom informs me that she is turning 69, not seventy. Ahem. That shows you how on the ball her eldest son is.

Deer on the pond

Looked out the window to see a family of three deer (all deer families are single-parent affairs) grazing the cattails just out the window. The twin fawns were generally well-coordinated, until they decided to go after the same patch of cattails. 

Twins troubles

Losing three games to Toronto is not a good deal. Especially when I know that my friends Grant and Cynthia were attending the games in Toronto. They got three bummers.

It is time to pull the plug on this season and move on. That means: