Archive - Jul 1, 2007

Aunt Olla goes on a trip

To illustrate my statement below that everything always turns out for the best for Aunt Olla, I will tell a story of what happened five years ago almost to the day.

Aunt Olla's only surviving sibling Burnett and his wife Adeline were slated to have their sixtieth wedding anniversary party in Reno, NV. Although Olla was 90 years old at the time, she and I got the same idea at the same time: Let's surprise them and show up.

Events of the day

After spending the morning shopkeeping at the nursery, I attended a 50th anniversary celebration of one of our most faithful customers over the years. I was to play piano for a while, I didn't know how long. I had played for about twenty minutes when a gentleman starting tuning up his accordian behind me. I took that as a hint that I should probably leave.