Archive - Jul 2, 2007

Rolly Rue

My friend Rolly Rue passed away this week after no fewer than thirty-seven years of battling cancer of several sorts. He had come back from near death so many times that doctors regarded him as something of a miracle. But if you ever met Rolly, you knew why he lasted so long: He was 100% gristle.

Rolly was gruff and blunt. He told it like it was. He had a strong handshake. And he had no time for nonsense. That is why I was so honored when he took a liking to me, first through my column, and then when he would show up for every speech I gave within fifty miles of his home.

All-Star Hoopla

I am not a fan of baseball's All Star game. It is usually a complete bore. Three Twins were named to the American League All-Star team this year: Justin Morneau, Torii Hunter and Johan Santana. All three were deserving. Pat Neshek and Joe Nathan should have gone, too. But, I don't get too worried about that. Better to have your pitchers get three days of rest than to risk injury in an exhibition game.