Archive - Jul 21, 2007


This website on abused quote marks is one of my favorites. I thought of it again after eating at a restaurant the other night. On the paper placemat were several ads which contained egregious abuses of quotes. "We're you're gravel specialists," was my favorite. "Where service is our trademark," was another. Whenever I see gratuitous quote marks, I want to find the "person" who used them and ask "why?"

One of the gallery linked to above was taken from northern Minnesota. It was on a billboard for an auto dealership. It said:

The best of summer

The past few days have featured some of the most beautiful weather imaginable. Two days ago, I spent the entire day trying to figure out how it could get any better. It was in the-mid seventies with a slight breeze and completely sunny. Perfect.

I have been on the road quite a bit the past couple of days. The wheat is turning golden. Other than that, things are good and green--we have had enough rain. At home, the flower beds are looking better by the day.