Archive - Jul 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Actually, it is tomorrow. She is a vigorous seventy. Send greetings to

UPDATE: Mom informs me that she is turning 69, not seventy. Ahem. That shows you how on the ball her eldest son is.

Deer on the pond

Looked out the window to see a family of three deer (all deer families are single-parent affairs) grazing the cattails just out the window. The twin fawns were generally well-coordinated, until they decided to go after the same patch of cattails. 

Twins troubles

Losing three games to Toronto is not a good deal. Especially when I know that my friends Grant and Cynthia were attending the games in Toronto. They got three bummers.

It is time to pull the plug on this season and move on. That means:


Today, I continued my tour of Lutheran women's groups, entertaining for one in the tiny town of Berner, about 5 miles northeast of Gonvick. I had never been there before.

The old church was charming, in great shape, with its original furnishings, pews and wood floor. The pressed tin ceiling extended down the wall to the wainscoating, which consisted of the old beaded wood strips about one inch wide. Most of the tin was painted yellow, with the exception of some angels in each corner of the ceiling, which were painted a high-gloss white.


Tonight was a beautiful evening in the gardens. Above is the center of a daylily. Below is one of the beds. Joe designed the entire gardens this year. His taste runs towards subdued colors and interesting textures.