Archive - Jul 2007

July 25th


Today, I continued my tour of Lutheran women's groups, entertaining for one in the tiny town of Berner, about 5 miles northeast of Gonvick. I had never been there before.

The old church was charming, in great shape, with its original furnishings, pews and wood floor. The pressed tin ceiling extended down the wall to the wainscoating, which consisted of the old beaded wood strips about one inch wide. Most of the tin was painted yellow, with the exception of some angels in each corner of the ceiling, which were painted a high-gloss white.

July 24th


Tonight was a beautiful evening in the gardens. Above is the center of a daylily. Below is one of the beds. Joe designed the entire gardens this year. His taste runs towards subdued colors and interesting textures.


Yesterday, neighbor Alma Kyllander passed away. She and her husband Art lived across the field from the nursery for most of the past 80 years. Alma was my father's teacher in the one-room school. Later, she came to work for Grandpa at the nursery. She stayed on when Mom and Dad took over, eventually becoming the manager of the greenhouse portion of the business for several years before she retired.

July 21st


This website on abused quote marks is one of my favorites. I thought of it again after eating at a restaurant the other night. On the paper placemat were several ads which contained egregious abuses of quotes. "We're you're gravel specialists," was my favorite. "Where service is our trademark," was another. Whenever I see gratuitous quote marks, I want to find the "person" who used them and ask "why?"

One of the gallery linked to above was taken from northern Minnesota. It was on a billboard for an auto dealership. It said:

The best of summer

The past few days have featured some of the most beautiful weather imaginable. Two days ago, I spent the entire day trying to figure out how it could get any better. It was in the-mid seventies with a slight breeze and completely sunny. Perfect.

I have been on the road quite a bit the past couple of days. The wheat is turning golden. Other than that, things are good and green--we have had enough rain. At home, the flower beds are looking better by the day.

July 18th

Greatest Living American?

Here's one nominee.

Twins lose a tight one

If you like 1-0 games, which I do, last night was a doozy. However, I would have preferred that the Twins won.

Matt Garza looked sharp, much stronger than he did one year ago when he was called up from the minors. I think by that time of the season, he was getting tired. Last night, his stuff had zip. And he looks much, much more grown up on the mound. Maybe it is because he cut his hair, who knows.

Tonight, Santana. Let's hope the Twins' bats wake up.

July 17th

Twins vs. Tigers

Tonight is the start of a big series for the Twins, a three gamer against the first-place Tigers. The Tigers have some big bats. In fact, their line-up is strong from top to bottom. It would be a good idea for the Twins to take two-of-three from Detroit if they plan to make up some of the ground which separates them.

At the All-Star break, the consensus amongst the talking heads is that Detroit is the best team in the majors right now. Even President Bush said last night that the Tigers are going to the World Series. So, it's time for them to take a fall back to earth.

July 16th

Presidential stuff

I am still onboard with Barack Obama, despite his recent move to give his campaign a religious tint. He's got the brains, he's got the honesty, and he's got the clear view of what needs to be done. He obviously sees the need to wrest religion from the clutches of the right-wingers. I wish that weren't necessary, but he's probably right to make the attempt.

July 15th

More Midway

Above is the Kamakazi. Below are two more riders on the Scrambler. At least that is what we called it years ago.