Archive - Aug 2007

Wedding in the gardens

Sometime last spring I consented to having a wedding in the gardens. I always worry that the weather won't cooperate, but tonight, it was perfect. I hung around a little bit to get some pictures. 

August 29th

Early fall colors

The maple in this picture, as pretty as its early fall coloration is, must be ill. Usually early fall color means a tree is on its last legs. We'll see. 

August 28th


The tornado in Northwood, ND Sunday evening was quite devastating. Read the article, and look at the last line. Several vehicles were thrown more than a half-mile, and several have not been found. Wow.


August 27th

Book stuff

I am preoccupied with finishing the book I am working on about the Halstad ball teams. It is due September 8th. I am on track to finish; however, I would like to be able to go over it a few times, perhaps read it aloud, before handing it over. Thank goodness it will be edited by a professional. Grammar and all that ain't my strong suit.

August 26th

Twins win again

It probably will jinx them for me to mention it here, but the Twins are on a five game win streak. They are still in the race, simply because neither Cleveland nor Detroit have managed to put the Central division away. I look forward to this week's games against Cleveland, especially Wednesday's battle between Santana and Sabathia.

August 24th


This is abominable. Once again, American companies are aiding in the supression of Chinese free speech. Where are the protests? Is suppressing speech okay as long as a regime friendly to United States business interests rules China? How deep is our commitment to democracy overseas? I am not of the opinion that we need to go fighting wars to impose democracy, but certainly, we shouldn't aid in the supression of freedom.

August 22nd


The advertisements off to the left are automatically selected by Google after some machine of theirs scans the recent content of the website and figures out what visitors to this site might be interested in buying. Okay, when I last checked to day, there were four ads. One was for hotels in Thief River. That makes sense. But the other three were for 1) Flower girl dresses, 2) Evening gown bargains and 3) Women's dresses.

What have I done to deserve this? Are any of you interested in this stuff? (Must not be, today's revenue is $0.00.)

Holed up

I am hiding out in Grand Forks, working on finishing the book on the Halstad teams. Today was a success. I finished an entire chapter. Now, it is to sustain the effort.

I worked on the UND campus today. The place is buzzing with students. Classes started yesterday. I got some free ice cream from a sorority which had a stand outside their house.

August 21st

That time of year...

And another view.