Archive - Aug 3, 2007

Whining millionaires

There's grumbling in the Twins clubhouse, according to two stories published today. At the forefront of the grumblers was, oddly, Johan Santana. Next in line, predictably, was Torii Hunter. Joe Nathan chipped in a little discontent. Only Michael Cuddyer spoke good sense: "Terry Ryan doesn't come down on me when I swing and miss on a 3-0 pitch, and I don't ask him questions about his job." Cuddyer, you're my hero.

Bridge, cont.

A disaster like yesterday's casts a shadow over the next few days. It runs through your mind. Especially when there are a lot of second hand stories about people who went over the bridge minutes before, or who took a different route, or whatever. They are dizzy today, I am sure, and I get vicariously dizzy with them.