Archive - Aug 31, 2007


Brother Joe has posted a new video, this one a composite of several gardens pictures he took. The music is Joe playing a waltz on the piano, which he wrote. This Joe's opus, since he designed the gardens in the video as well.

I spoiled it...

I confess. I spoiled Scott Baker's perfect game. I had given up on the Twins for the day, and for the season. I was angry that they lost earlier this afternoon to the lowly Royals. So, I didn't watch the second game tonight. After working on the pictures below, I decided to check the score, and low and behold, Scott Baker had a perfect game going in the ninth inning. I ran to the television...without remembering that whenever I tune in, things go sour. It has been that way for thirty years, at least.

Wedding in the gardens

Sometime last spring I consented to having a wedding in the gardens. I always worry that the weather won't cooperate, but tonight, it was perfect. I hung around a little bit to get some pictures.