Archive - Aug 2007

August 21st

On dying on the road

Thanks to those of you who kindly volunteered to go along to the eye doctor today given Olla's expressed desire to die while driving in the countryside. Wait, only one person volunteered (thanks, Sheila) and several professed no interest.

I have to admit I thought over what I would do if Olla became ill in the car. I have always wondered that, ever since I spent ten years driving Grandpa around to places convinced that he was about to die at any moment.

Eye doctor trip

Picked up Aunt Olla at the Fertile Hilton about 12:45 and headed to Ada to the eye doctor. I wheeled her out to the pickup in a wheelchair--walking a long ways after a meal is still hard on her after the heart attack.

August 20th

Planning the eye doctor trip

We're planning Aunt Olla's trip to the eye doctor in Ada tomorrow. She's been slowly recovering from her heart attack of a week-and-a-half ago. It is taking a little longer than she would like, but she did walk all the way down to dinner and back the other night.

Olla is looking forward to getting out into the countryside again. The drive to Ada isn't the most scenic, but you know that Olla will be rapt the entire time.

In fact, Olla said, she'd kind of like to die while riding through the countryside in the car.

I told her I'd rather she not.

August 19th


Uncle Dale took this video of Joe and I singing at the open house on his camera. He emailed it to Joe, who put it up on YouTube. And I can't resist putting it up here!

August 17th

Open House

Haven't had a chance to post any pictures from last weekend's open house at the gardens. Here are Fertile residents Betty, Phyllis and Jim.


The gardens looked nice at dusk tonight.

What happens when you don't spray for Red Hats

A long ten seconds

On my way home from Thief River Falls this afternoon, I passed by a church on the north side of Red Lake Falls. It is a new church, along the highway, but with no in-drive directly to the parking lot.

August 15th

Two week vacation

According to one of the staff of the Fertile Hilton, who shall go unnamed because of the trouble he/she could get into for however innocently violating the confidentiality provision, Aunt Olla has requested and has been granted a two week vacation from all Hilton obligations such as resident council meetings, van trips, Bible studies, and the like. She has cleared her schedule in order to recover from her heart attack of one week ago tomorrow.

August 14th

Civil War

This week, I am assisting with a history seminar for high school teachers in Thief River Falls. This is the third year in a row I have served as "visiting scholar" and because our topic is the Civil War, I am enjoying it quite a lot. I never really thought I would get a chance to use the reading I have done on the Civil War over the past ten years.