Archive - Aug 2007

August 15th

Two week vacation

According to one of the staff of the Fertile Hilton, who shall go unnamed because of the trouble he/she could get into for however innocently violating the confidentiality provision, Aunt Olla has requested and has been granted a two week vacation from all Hilton obligations such as resident council meetings, van trips, Bible studies, and the like. She has cleared her schedule in order to recover from her heart attack of one week ago tomorrow.

August 14th

Civil War

This week, I am assisting with a history seminar for high school teachers in Thief River Falls. This is the third year in a row I have served as "visiting scholar" and because our topic is the Civil War, I am enjoying it quite a lot. I never really thought I would get a chance to use the reading I have done on the Civil War over the past ten years.


Aunt Olla is back at the Hilton recuperating from her heart attack. Last night, she called to remind me of her eye appointment which she thought was tomorrow, but which is in fact one week from now. After I told her that she was a week off, she said, "Uff, I must be slipping," only to add, "but that's to be expected!"

August 11th

Aunt Olla back at the Hilton

Aunt Olla (pronounced "allah") came back from intensive care to the Fertile Hilton today. She is recovering from her heart attack as if there never was one. The nurses in intensive care fell in love with her and all gave her hugs when she left. So, she spread more charm. She was chauffered back to Fertile by her nephew Rolly, and her nieces Lois and Beth. We're sort of having a mini-family reunion this weekend. Aunt Lois and Uncle Don showed up from Oregon as a surprise.

August 9th

Trip to Halstad

This evening, I met with four Halstad area residents at the phone company there. These were people with good memories of the 1952 team, about which I am writing a book. We had a great time. I know enough now so that I was able to trigger some memories.

Trip to Crookston

The phone rang early this morning. It was a nurse from the Fertile Hilton. Aunt Olla had to be taken to the hospital during the night.

I didn't know how bad it was. They said she had been unresponsive and very, very ill. They called the paramedics to revive her and once they had her strapped to the gurney, she was awake enough to insist that the nurse who had been trying to revive her for the previous half hour go get her eyebrow pencil and put some eyebrows on her for the ambulance trip.

August 8th

Twins roll

Finally, the offense broke loose. After days of anemia, the Twins have hit three home runs and barely missed two more. I have been discouraged lately by the Twins, but a good game every now and then keeps me interested. Of course, it is easy to beat up on a pitcher like Odalis Perez, who wouldn't be in the major leagues if he wasn't with the Kansas City Royals.

August 7th

They've got us by the....

Read this and be concerned. It is a matter of time before something like this happens. Owing bankers in China nearly $1 trillion is not a good thing. It is as good as owing their government the same amount, as far as I am concerned. The debt will be used against us.

Off to Ada

Aunt Olla's glasses got sat on at the Hilton and were broken, so it was time to take her to the eye doctor's office in Ada to get them fixed. I also had to stop at the Ada Library to fill in some gaps using the microfilm there.

The errands went well, and we decided at about three o'clock that both of us would like a broasted chicken dinner at the Wild Rice Dining Emporium in downtown Ada.

August 5th

Good baseball

Baker pitches eight solid innings, new second baseman Alexi Casilla gets the game winning hit, Joe Nathan gets the save, Twins move within 4.5 games of first place and are now in the hunt for the Central Division title. If their starting pitchers get hot, look out!

However, I remain glum about their offense.