Archive - Aug 2007

August 5th

More bridge stuff

As I was driving over the Sorlie Bridge in Grand Forks last night, there was a whole fleet of fire trucks and an ambulance there, as well as spectators looking down. I looked down and saw a gurney loaded with what looked like a grimly-wrapped package, so I assumed the worst.

However, the woman who was pulled from the river by the crews was alive and has only minor injuries. So, that's good news.

August 2nd

Whining millionaires

There's grumbling in the Twins clubhouse, according to two stories published today. At the forefront of the grumblers was, oddly, Johan Santana. Next in line, predictably, was Torii Hunter. Joe Nathan chipped in a little discontent. Only Michael Cuddyer spoke good sense: "Terry Ryan doesn't come down on me when I swing and miss on a 3-0 pitch, and I don't ask him questions about his job." Cuddyer, you're my hero.

Bridge, cont.

A disaster like yesterday's casts a shadow over the next few days. It runs through your mind. Especially when there are a lot of second hand stories about people who went over the bridge minutes before, or who took a different route, or whatever. They are dizzy today, I am sure, and I get vicariously dizzy with them.

August 1st

Bridge collapse

Just heard from Aunt Beth. Her son David was about to drive under the bridge when it collapsed. He ended up helping some of the kids out of the bus. Later, he helped an injured UPS driver get to shore. A close call for David. For others, it is a tragic night. It seems odd that the Twins play on. They have canceled tomorrow's game, but officials asked the Twins to continue with tonight's game to keep the people in the stands and off the road.