Archive - Sep 2007


September 29th

For whom to pull?

By process of elimination, I have decided to pull for the Cleveland Indians in the playoffs.

I used to always pull for the Red Sox, but after their mega-million dollar buying up of players, I find them to be the moral equivalent of the Yankees. I love to watch baseball in Fenway Park, so having the Red Sox in the playoffs isn't the worst thing, but I have no soft spot for them.

September 26th

Habitat for Humanity

A reminder: Habitat for Humanity is sponsoring a fundraiser this upcoming Sunday from 3-6 p.m. It is a tour of three homes in the area: Ken and Merle Miller's home on Union Lake, Jack and Audrey Eickoff's home on Union Lake, and my home on a local swamp.

The details came out in today's Fertile Journal, which I don't have yet. I don't know yet what the tour costs, but I do know that you can come right to any of the homes to get your ticket, which will also be good at the other two homes.

Come help out a very noble cause!


Farmer's Union Camp

September 25th

The War

Again, I watched the entire episode of The War tonight. I don't often sit for that long, so Burns must be doing something right.

I have always regretted that the Allies bombed the monastary at Monte Cassino. I wonder what the place looks like today.

September 24th

Rainy day ramblings

Fall is setting in good and proper. The equinox is past. Now there is more darkness than light in a day. I got up at 5:45 a.m. this morning to write the weekly column. It was completely dark. Got to watch the sunrise from the crow's nest before the clouds set in.

Then I went to the eye doctor to get the latest lenses put in. I was pulling away from things again, so I went in and sure enough the bifocal prescription had changed. Now, I have to get used to these new glasses. They are really strange. The floor is crooked.

September 23rd


The Ken Burns documentary on World War II is starting tonight on PBS. It is top notch. I didn't intend to get involved with it tonight as I am supposed to be writing a column,'s pretty riveting. It runs for the next few nights, I believe.

September 20th


Today, I traveled to Cragun's Resort near Brainerd to give a seminar on "Humoring the Elderly" for the statewide Health Care Auxiliaries group. There were several hundred present at the conference. About sixty attended my seminar, which I hadn't really given before. I don't remember who came up with the title, so I did what I could, telling plenty of Aunt Olla stories and whatnot.

September 19th

Striking out

Took Aunt Olla uptown today for a series of errands. It was one of those days where nothing worked out. Senora at the Book and Bible Shoppe was busy with the blood drive, so we couldn't go there. Encore didn't have any tan blouses. The only plus was the grocery store--and then, of course, coffee and a donut at Eats and Antiques. So, it wasn't a complete washout, but pretty close. In addition, when we were sitting having coffee, Olla and I agreed that both our brains were fried and we really couldn't remember what to talk about.

September 18th

New speech

Today, I spoke to nursing home employees as a part of their required in-service training. The only requirement was that I do something different than I did last year. I was wary, as I had a set of stories to tell, but unless they have some point, the whole thing becomes...pointless.

I had been writing notes for the past week, then tried to pull things together this morning. In fact, things really didn't pull together until I was in the middle of the speech.