Archive - 2007

October 11th


Tonight, on my way up to Warren to speak to a women's group, I stopped at the taco shop in Crookston for a quick (I had hoped) burrito.

The five teenie boppers were oblivious to me standing at the counter. They were busy, to their credit, but the girl who was filling dozens of sour cream containers could have stopped long enough to take my order.

When she got done filling the batch of containers, she needed a count. It was clear to her that there were three rows of eight each, so she shouted, "How much is three times eight?"

New birds


October 10th

Stained glass

Moral standing

Although there is a difference, at least in our eyes, between a terrorist and a dissident, I suspect that in the eyes of the Burmese regime, any dissident is a terrorist. And we have, with our policies and actions, lost a lot of our right

October 9th

Dreary day

October is grand, but it can get gloomy, as it was today. With nothing scheduled, I just pretty much languished in the house and did nothing. It is one of those days you hope your ancestors don't find out about, the ones who chopped wood and milked cows and raised 12 kids and fell into bed every night exhausted from physical exertion.

October 8th


Today, I spoke to the staff of area libraries in Moorhead where they were meeting. I had them right after lunch. I was talking about writing, columns, writing in the small towns, etc., so it was a speech I haven't given before. It was a little rusty, and after it was over with, I found myself reviewing the talk and saying to myself, I can't believe I said that!

Oh well, it was a nice group of good people. Small town librarians generally are. They tend to be intellectual, tolerant of eccentrics, interested in the world.

October 7th


This afternoon, I entertained for a Harvest Festival at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Strandquist, a small town thirty miles northwest of Thief River Falls.

Bethesda has an interesting history. The present church building was originally built two miles outside of town. About 100 years ago, the parishioners decided to put the building on skis and pull it to town with a few teams of horses.

However, some people got mad at having to drive two miles to town for church, so they built another church on the site of the first one.


Long-time New York Yankee public address announcer Bob Sheppard, otherwise known as "The Voice of God," is missing tonight's Yankee-Cleveland game due to a bronchial infection. He has been the voice of Yankee Stadium since 1951.

Sheppard never gave out his age, but last fall, a Yankee official confirmed research which showed that Sheppard was born October 12, 1910. He turns 97 this week.

What a life!


This afternoon, I headed up to Strandquist to perform at Bethesda Lutheran Church.

Bethesda used to be in the countryside.