Archive - 2007

December 10th

Fertile Hilton

At Aunt Olla's behest, Joe and I played at the Fertile Hilton this afternoon. It went fine. I felt off. My voice was raw. We tried some Christmas carols, with mixed results. Finally Aunt Ede came up and played a few while Joe and I sang, and that went better.

After I came home, I received an email from Aunt Adeline that our cousin Dorthy had passed away Saturday. Dorthy is Aunt Olla's oldest niece. She was a writer and poet who lived in the Bay Area. She was also a weblog reader.

Grace Lutheran

Last night, I performed in the beautiful sanctuary of Grace Lutheran Church in Ada. I played the pipe organ to start with as not many churches come so equipped. Then I moved to the beautiful grand piano, another rarity.

The dignity and size of the room did intimidate me a bit right at first, however, and it caused me to alter the program. It didn't feel quite right doing the country music, so I only did two numbers, and then I added a Chopin piece for some class. However, it was rusty since I haven't been using that piece for a while.

December 8th

Alzheimer's, cont.

A few of you have written about your experiences with relatives with Alzheimer's. Thank you! When it is a close relative who gets Alzheimer's, the sadness of it must be unbearable. You lose the person you knew, and yet there they stand looking at you. I have not had that experience. I feel a little sheepish enjoying Alzheimer's patients so much--the tragedy of it is muted for me because I didn't know the patients before.

Memorable gifts

Another blogger has posted a list of some memorable Christmas gifts he received as a child. It got me thinking. The memorable gifts weren't always the biggest ones, of course.

1) One of the first gifts I remember was an art box Mom put together with tempura paints, Elmer's glue, sparkle and glitter, paint brushes and paper. She put them in a blue envelope box and wrapped them. I still remember the smell of the paints when I opened the box.

December 6th

Today's fun read

It is an old article, but I have never run across Jonathan Rauch's brilliant piece on introversion before. I can relate. I love long one-on-one conversations and I love speaking to large groups, but meeting with small groups of people wears me down completely. Dinner parties and the like--they are something to be endured and gotten over with, not enjoyed. Rauch's formula for two hours of alone time for every hour of time spent in a group is conservative--I need much more.

Warren Seniors

Last night, I attended Senior Meals in Warren. It was a cold night. The snow crunched. Supper was at 5:30, and of course by that time it was completely dark. These are the nights that I think about in June and wonder how we can take it. Actually, they can be cozy.

Particularly if you are with good people--and if you have good food. They served delicious ribs last night, accompanied by baked potatoes. I ate myself silly, which I shouldn't do before singing and playing. But I did.

December 4th

The snow piles up

Today featured another snowstorm. It was predicted to be less snow than the one which hit two days ago, but in the end, I think this one packed just as much moisture. It also is blowing around a little bit tonight. With a rare east wind, the drifts are showing up in unusual places.

December 3rd

You found it here

One of the wonders of the internet is that you can see the search terms used by people who found your site. A lot of people find this site who have typed in "Johan Santana" or "northern plants" or "cranky country guy" or that sort of thing. However, in the last two days, somebody was sent by a search engine to this site because they were looking for "beter lesspian pics."

I trust they were disappointed.

December 2nd

Good sense from George Will

Once again, conservative commentator George Will makes a whole lot of sense.

Santana's last day as a Twin?

The Twins will probably decide in the next 24 hours whether or not to trade Johan Santana.

This is really sad, in the final analysis. Thanks to the insane contracts that players far inferior to Santana have signed--namely the $126 million dollar deal signed last year by Barry Zito in San Fransisco--I guess you can't blame Santana for wanting his value as the best major league pitcher in baseball.