Archive - 2007

December 1st

The best laid plans...

Alas, my seating chart for last night's dinner party worked out exactly the opposite as was intended. The quiet, dignified table was not. The loud boisterous table was not. And, despite the size of the house, at one point all but two of the twenty-seven people present jammed into the kitchen and hallway where the poor caterers were trying to make the meal! Very interesting to study party traffic patterns.

November 29th


Each winter, the Northwest Minnesota Foundation has a board appreciation dinner. Usually it is held at a restaurant, but when I was put in as chair of the board, I decided to have the dinner at my house.

November 28th


Visited with my friends from New Jersey tonight. Through a long string of circumstances, they ended up having Thanksgiving dinner with this bunch. The Doerfels are a family with 10 children who perform bluegrass together. My friend Mark said it sure would be nice to hear you play, and they all jumped up, pulled out their instruments and went to town. Wow. I wonder if they'd come to the Polk County Fair in Fertile? Their website is here.

Garza, Bartlett traded

Fifteen minutes ago, the Twins traded Matt Garza to Tampa Bay for Delmon Young. Within five minutes of the trade, I looked up Delmon Young's Wikipedia entry, the one linked to here, and the first paragraph read, "Delmon Young, younger brother of Dmitri Young, is an outfielder with the Minnesota Twins." Sounded like it had been established fact for years.

Bemidji volunteers

Today I drove to Bemidji to speak to volunteers at the hospital. Some volunteers were affiliated with the nursing home, others with hospice, and the rest with the hospital.

The hospital was beautiful. I didn't expect such an impressive building. The meeting room was comfy and new, the sound system was good, and it was a nice crowd of people.

The Santana race is on

Now the Yankees have been joined by the Angels, the Red Sox and the Mets in the bidding for the services of Johan Santana. This is good news. As I pointed out below, the teams are trading for about one year of Santana--and then they have the right to pay him about $150 million to keep him longer. You would think teams wouldn't go crazy over such a proposal, but when you get the Yankees and the Red Sox bidding against each other, there is no rationality. I say the Twins should milk all they can out of the deal.

Joe's new video

Joe has posted a new video on Youtube. It is a song he wrote and it is introduced by Ocie.

Ocie has been here for the past six weeks helping with fall work. He is from Chicago. He met Joe at a meditation retreat in Illinois, and Joe recruited him to come to work.

However, on the bus on the way up here, Ocie fell asleep with his head against the window. When he woke up, his neck was pinched. He was in incredible pain.

November 27th

Dreaming of Arizona

My parents are taking their turn in Arizona. As the temperatures fall here, I find myself longing to just jump in the pickup and head to Tucson. Every thermostat in the house reads 70 degrees, and the floor is toasty warm, but you can still feel the cold radiate in, especially if you walk by a window. An hour ago, one of the beams in the house cracked. It sounded like a gunshot.

Santana trade talks begin

Weblog reader Irene passes along the news that the Twins are talking trade with the New York Yankees. This is galling news. Unlike the departure of Torii Hunter, which I didn't lament, the departure of Johan Santana would be a jolt. His trade value, which may not be that great, as Strib writer Joe Christianson points out. Unlike when the Twins traded Frank Viola and used the trade to rebuild their team to the point where they won the 1991 World Series, Santana's departure isn't likely to make the Twins a better team.


The temperatures have plummeted. Today will be spent hovering around the zero mark.

Yesterday was decent. I drove to Bemidji for a meeting. Then I worked my way back west on Highway 2, stopping at Faith Lutheran in Bagley to do a program for their WELCA. What I didn't expect was that the ladies from the Clearbrook Lutheran church canceled their circle meeting so they could come down to Bagley to see me! I was honored, of course, but I did change some of the presentation knowing that some of the ladies had heard it at least four times.