Archive - 2007

November 25th

Political talk

A British journalist makes a salient point. There is a tradition in this country of politics not being a topic of polite discussion. In England, conversations are much more pointed and discussing politics is fair game, and a fun game (as long as you keep off the Irish question). I have had good conversations with Brits about politics, but many have just devolved into what I saw as a volley of insults, at which time I just backed off, lacking the desire for a fight.


November 23rd

Getting tagged

Apparently, this is the internet version of playing tag: Somebody with a weblog tags you, and then you are obligated to do as they say and then tag other people. Or something like that. In this case, I was tagged by Cousin Anne. I am to tell five random facts about myself. Pretty tough to come up with something that hasn't already been beaten to death already on this blog, such as the fact that I am a pipe organ fiend. But here goes:


It was my job to make the turkey again this year. Instead of listening to Martha Stewart, which I did last year with mediocre results, I used one of those oven bags. It turned out very good. After three hours, the meat just fell off the bone. Others brought casseroles and mashed potatoes and pies and there was a plethora of food.

With a couple of football fans in attendance, the television roared in the background, adding a traditional flair to the proceedings.

Jack update

A while back, I wrote about Jack Nelson, the man from Hendrum who walked from Moorhead to Hendrum on the first anniversary of his brain surgery. Well, Jack wrote up his experience. In California, Jack writes for a basketball website. His style is a little reminiscent of Casey Stengel.

November 20th

iPod effect

Thanks to my iPod, I have been rediscovering music I haven't listened to for years, and discovering music I didn't know I had. The convenience of having 3500 tunes contained in a slab of metal the size of a wallet has changed my listening habits completely.

November 19th

Hunter and Santana

Speculation is abounding about whether the Twins will be able to retain either Torii Hunter or Johan Santana. Hunter is a free agent, but Santana is under contract for another year. The feeling is, however, that if Santana is going to leave after next year, the Twins should trade him now so they at least get something for him.

Grace period

November 19, and what a beautiful day. I went out in the woods to find stovepipe the try to keep the squirrel from climbing the bird feeder. When I get out in the woods––"in the woods" meaning the area where we throw things and have thrown things for 70 years––I tend to forget why I came there and start digging up treasures from the piles of scrap metal. Today, I stayed on task and built what I regard as an impregnable shield. We'll see tomorrow morning if the bird feeder is once again empty.

November 18th

Zion Lutheran of Ada

Spoke tonight at Zion Lutheran in Ada, MN. I had never been inside that church before, and I hadn't even known it was there! So, it was a pleasant surprise.

The men of the church made fetuccini alfredo. It was done very nicely, and they had salad with bleu cheese dressing. Now that warmed my heart. And a good dessert of a tri-colored ice cream with those wafers on the side. Real nice.

November 15th

Taxi TV