Archive - 2007

November 15th

City sidewalk


A weblog reader forwarded me this sad article that some of the signs with Amish buggies on them have been spraypainted with an X.

That sort of ugliness has no place around here. I assume it was drunk, stupid kids. At least that is what I hope. And I hope they get caught.

November 14th

Windows in NYC

Here is a view out the hotel window. From the seventeenth story, you could still see what was going on down below. The tops of the buildings are less polished than the front they present to the sidewalk. 

November 13th

Larger pics from 47th Street and 5th Ave.

This light post in Bryant Park, right next to the New York Public Library, is back lit by the sunshine, yet the front of the post is well lit as well. That is due to a glass-covered skyscraper behind my back which is reflecting sunlight onto the park, giving the whole place a double dose of sunshine. In the 45 degree weather (it was warmer in MN this weekend than in NYC), the sunshine was appreciated.

Glass store

When in New York, you get out on the streets and head towards where you are going and then be open to what you find on the way, knowing that it might get in the way of you getting where you are going. We found this glass shop on the Upper East Side. I didn't see any piece in the place under $3500. 

John Singer Sargent

As expected, one of the highlights of the trip was seeing paintings of John Singer Sargent up close and personal. This trip the one which struck me was this portrait of a woman named Mrs. Hugh Hammersley, whoever that is. But what a painting. It is huge. Take a look at the detail. Then, when you get a distance from the painting, it all falls together and the genius of the artist becomes mind-bogglingly apparent.


November 12th

Separated at birth

Rockefeller Center on Veterans Day

Under survelliance