Archive - 2007

November 12th

New York condo prices

All I had to do was mention that I was in NYC on this weblog, and up pops ads for condos on the left hand side. It has disappeared since I first checked, but one was for condos starting at $10 million. Check out some of the prices for fun.

Flatiron building

Wouldn't it be great to have one of the apartments on the front corner of this legendary New York City building? Here's the other end of the building, the wide end which never gets pictured. 

Veterans Day

November 10th

Wellington Hotel

After a three hour delay and a half-an-hour taxi ride at 1 a.m. from LaGuardia airport to Manhattan, we arrived at the Hotel Wellington. The lobby was a bit sleazy, and nothing has been remodeled for at least 45-50 years. The room is tiny, tiny, tiny, as are most any rooms in Manhattan, and the screenless window--which looks out over 55th street--opens right up so that if you get in a down mood, you're 17 stories away from oblivion. Or, more accurately, if you sleepwalk...

November 8th

Sandhills trip

Youtube discovery

I have almost every one of organ virtuoso Virgil Fox's recordings, but because he died in 1980, just when I was becoming aware of him, I never did get to see him play. Now, thanks to Youtube, a bunch of old video of Fox has surfaced. Here is Virgil performing a version of "America" by Charles Ives. Look off to the side for more Virgil recordings.

Preparing for New York City

Lance and I are leaving tomorrow to spend the weekend in the Big Apple. Just now, I called the hotel to see what the easiest way to get into the hotel from the airport would be.

The thing to remember in New York is that everybody is in a big, big hurry. They are eager to help, but they want the exchange to be quick and efficient. I like things that way, but even still I can get taken aback at the speed with which New Yorkers talk and deal with things.

So, the phone conversation, after one ring, goes like this:

"Hotel Wellington, may I help you?"


Three readers have forwarded links to interesting weblogs of relatives or friends of theirs who are working overseas. Kris is in Kazakhastan. Laura is in India. Andrew is biking across Asia. It is inspiring to see young people 1) experiencing other cultures and 2) taking the time to inform the rest of us about their experiences.

November 7th

Public affairs

There's plenty going on in the world, but I haven't had the heart to comment on it as I doubt whether my ranting will change anybody's mind and talking public policy just scratches people the wrong way and they start ranting in return and the whole exchange can eat up one's day without anything being gained.

Sign of the times

Never thought I would see one of these signs only two miles from the nursery.