Archive - 2007

November 6th

Dream on

Okay, I am not going to start reporting on my nightly dreams here, but last night was one that made me laugh in the morning, as much as it terrified me last night.

Hello Elaine!

Weblog reader Elaine Tureson from Hallock came to my attention yesterday at the chiropractor's office in Fertile where her daughter Betty works. She (Elaine, not Betty) is approaching her 90th birthday. Thanks for checking in, Elaine!

Stopped by the Fertile Hilton yesterday to see Aunt Olla. It was 9:30 in the morning, and she still wasn't dressed. I don't know what kind of show they run there, but that's getting pretty lax. So, I waited in the hall and chatted with Palma and Bernice for a while before being permitted to enter.

November 4th

Blogging Break

I've been taking a break from blogging for a few days. There haven't been any real photo opportunities the past few days. Tonight, I was out driving and the sun came out for all of three minutes. I was hoping to find a scene to shoot with the wet tree trunks shining in the sun, but by the time I got anywhere to shoot the tree trunks, the sun went under.

There were some beautiful colors when the clouds turned pink as the sun set. The swamp was wet from the rain this afternoon, so everything was quite rich, but the sun was too far down to allow any decent photos.

October 31st

Bias in the news

This just isn't fair. This guy in Sweden gets world-wide notoriety for getting carded at age 77. When Aunt Olla was carded for trying to by beer at the Moorhead Pizza Hut last year at age 95, the only coverage given the incident was on this weblog.

Happy Halloween!

This customed pup greeted customers at the First State Bank of Fertile today. The dog's name is Shadow.

October 30th


So, was today the last time we will see 65 degrees until April? The thought sends shivers. What a perfectly beautiful day. I enjoyed every bit of it.

This evening, I spoke to the Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District Awards Banquet. That's an easy assignment. They are tree planting people, so I talked about trees and got a good meal out of the deal at the American Legion in Warren.

October 29th


The sunshine sure perks one up. At least it does me. Wow. I feel on top of it. I get my entire list gets crossed off with little trouble.

Another contributor: I had been dreading the winter, and I finally decided to do something about it. I looked online for places to stay in Tucson. I found one I liked and booked it for the month of January. Suddenly, with that to look forward to, the rest of my existence fell into some order. I felt like working on other projects again.

October 28th

Red Sox sweep

Yawn. I didn't watch. No compelling story line. Not compelling enough, anyway. And it always galls me to see former Twin David Ortiz celebrating in another uniform. And who wants to watch Manny Ramirez celebrate anything?

October 27th


That's what they call farm wives nowadays. I spoke to an Agri-women's conference at the Ramada in Grand Forks yesterday. They asked that I speak about China.

About an hour before the program, it hit me that, since they had one of those fancy machines that can turn your pictures on your computer into a slide-show, perhaps I should have some slides. A picture would be worth a thousand words, I thought.

October 25th