Archive - 2007

October 24th

Visit to the Hilton

Went into the Hilton yesterday to see Aunt Olla. She has been tired lately. Others warned me in the hallway, but they also warned me not to say who spilled the beans that she has been slowing down a bit lately. There was an oxygen machine next to her bed which Olla alleges she doesn't use, but which had to be there for a reason.

The chief culprit: The lack of vitamins. There is an order on the way, which should perk her up. But the lack of vitamins (not the heart attack six weeks ago) is almost certainly why she is more tired.

Beltrami Garden Club

Meet the garden club equivalent of the 1927 Yankees, the Beltrami Garden Club, which celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Beltrami Mall Cafe today. Here is the entire club, with the exeption of Stella. 

Red-breasted nuthatch

A new bird showed up at the feeder yesterday. It took until this morning before I caught him with the camera. The red-breasted nuthatch is smaller than the common nuthatch and has a cute little nasal buzz for a call. 

October 23rd

Redbellied woodpecker

I don't know why the name. Most of the red seems to be on the head. After scaring most of the songbirds away with a few close passes by the birdfeeder, this impressive bird stopped by to hang out and have dinner.


October 21st

More on Honeycrisp

More information on the Honeycrisp, from MPR, brought to my attention by weblog reader Miles.

Larry Hagman

Aspen near McIntosh

On the way to Salem

On the way to speaking at Salem Lutheran Church north of Oklee, I passed through Gentilly, home of the impressive St. Peter's Catholic Church, built in 1914. One day, I hope to get inside. 

October 19th

Honeycrisp, cont.

Weblog reader Jackie sends the link to the Star Tribune story on the Honeycrisp apple.