Archive - 2007

October 19th

Morton building at sunset

Night shots

Lance is working on night-time photography. He's a night owl and prowls the streets of Grand Forks after dark getting shots of empty street scenes.

Last summer, Lance got this shot outside Fertile at about 3 a.m. Although it was in the middle of the night, with an eight-second time exposure, the colors of the grass come through.

The sun comes out!

And within minutes, I was revived.

October 18th

Alma mater update

Just in time for Halloween.

October 17th

Somewhat dreary

Not a bad October day. Dreary, but not so cold. Kind of pleasant.

Baseball: I am torn between Cleveland and Colorado. I know more about Cleveland, but I have never particularly liked their players. It is a no-lose situation. Whoever wins, more power to them. Better than the Yankees in either case.

I shouldn't assume that Cleveland is going to beat the Boston Red Sox. Many teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a seven game series. However, Cleveland seems like the better team right now. Sturdier starting pitching.

October 15th

Honeycrisp secrets

The Star Tribune print edition had a nice article today on the Honeycrisp apple. I found the article in a copy of the paper at the McIntosh Cafe. It goes to show you that reading a paper online doesn't allow you to find all the stories, as I had checked the Strib website earlier in the day.

Some facts:

--The Honeycrisp apple's flesh contains cells which are twice as large as the usual apple cells. That explains the powerful "snap" that happens when you bite off a chunk of a Honeycrisp, as well as the unusual juiciness of the apple.

Poplar Meadows

This afternoon, I went over to entertain in McIntosh at their assisted living complex. When I arrived, I remembered the last time I was there. I believe I performed while people were eating. People would rather visit while eating than listen to music, so it seemed as if I was sort of getting in the way.

October 14th

Amur Maple

More Lutheran Women!

I entertained and spoke to another WELCA group yesterday, this one just down the road at beautiful Maple Lake Lutheran Church. There must have been over 100 distinguished ladies in the audience. This time, I knew every one of them.

I had a a close call first, though. We were filling next year's greenhouse trays at the nursery, a job which requires about 10 people. I was somewhat expendable, but was helping a bit. I knew I had to leave to be at Maple Lake Church at 1:30, so we hired an extra person to take my place.

October 12th