Archive - Jan 14, 2008


Boy, the tone sure has changed in the past few days on the Democratic side. Clinton just can't seem to open her mouth without issuing a barb at Obama, and to his discredit, Obama has at times gotten prickly in return. I think he took the New Hampshire lost a little harder than it first appeared. Like many, he thought he was on his way to a coronation.

Perfect day in Tucson

Seventy degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Well, one cloud is what I counted this morning. And by the time I had finished my walk, it was gone.

And, it was a Sunday, so when I went out for a walk this morning, traffic was quiet. The condo complex is actually quite beautiful, so a walk around it, which amounts to 1/2 mile, is truly pleasant, especially when the people who are usually walking their dogs are still in bed.