Archive - Jan 15, 2008


Today is the seventh anniversary of the controversial online encyclopedia. Check out the last paragraph in this entry for Halstad, Minnesota to get an idea of the fallibility of the concept. Anybody can make an entry. Anybody can edit an entry. Nobody can trace who did what. Fans of Skitch Henderson might debate the assertion that Adam Lee is the "one and only" notable person to come out of Halstad!

Email forwards

Disheartening: I have been getting many email forwards from people who seem respectable enough, but see fit to send along word that Barack Obama 1) attended a Muslim school 2) refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag 3) is secretly Muslim 4) is part of a Muslim plot to take over the United States.

These emails come with a line inserted at the top: "Don't know if this is all true, but it is something to think about." Or, "Please pray! Our nation is in peril!"

Sabino Canyon

Today Lance, his little brother Jonny and I headed a few b