Archive - Jan 21, 2008

The real reason Hillary won in NH

Aunt Olla just called with the update from the Fertile Hilton. Things are going well.

She reported that she was upset that Tuesday night when Obama was slated to win, so she started praying for Hillary to win, and she prayed until she fell asleep, and when she awoke, Hillary had won!

When Olla reported this result to Truman, the anti-Hillary nurse, he was somber and said he would think twice about differing with a higher authority. So, at that point, the political debate between Olla and Truman reached a truce, where it has remained since.

New Yorker article

This long article from the New Yorker magazine gives a fascinating insight into Hillary Clinton's personality, and goes a long way towards explaining both her appeal and her problems connecting with the public.

Obama at Ebenezer

Barack Obama spoke at Martin Luther King's church today. Classified as "remarks," the speech, on paper at least, consisted of some soaring rhetoric. Those who decry soaring rhetoric and prefer mere nuts and bolts might remember the role the rhetoric of Lincoln played in the Civil War, and the role the rhetoric of Churchill and Roosevelt played in World War II. You can't quantify it, of course, but nobody can deny its genius.