Archive - Jan 24, 2008

Bill's old roomate chimes in

Robert Reich, as much of a Clinton ally as you will ever find, scolds the former president in no uncertain terms.

Meanwhile, on the other side...

John McCain gets an endorsement of sorts from the wicked witch of the right. At least I would consider it a compliment. This woman is just plain mean. Belittling John McCain's five-plus years of imprisonment and torture shows what she is made of. That's right, if he doesn't support torture, he's a wimp, no matter what he went through that she could never begin to understand.


The roundups of the headlines this morning (I get my roundup of editorial content at Real Clear Politics) shows an interesting trend. Bill Clinton is making people mad. People are finally saying it out loud: He is lying about Obama. So is Hillary, and so are the Clinton campaign's ads. The Washington Post has finally placed blame for the bickering where it belongs, at the feet of the Clintons. Obama did not need to bring up the Wal-mart board of directors stuff, but he's in a quandry.