Archive - Jan 28, 2008

Aftermath of rains


Cactus wren


Another oblivious sight-seer

This man was too engrossed in his book to see what was in front of him. Always be alert! Especially in canyons following rains. Good grief, people.

Rains unleash wall of water

Two women are oblivious to the wall of water in Sabino Canyon today after heavy rains in the area yesterday. I snapped the picture with the telephoto before running the other way. No word on the women's fate. That's what they get for gabbing.

Santana hunch

Although the press is saying Santana will be traded within 10 days, I still think the Twins might sign him. They really aren't that far apart. The difference looks big, but I think it could be bridged, especially when one considers what they gave Morneau and Cuddyer. Both the Yankees and Red Sox have backed off, as is only sensible, and the Mets, the only other team serious, can't seem to pile the minor leaguers high enough to tempt the Twins.