Archive - Jan 30, 2008

Obama's appeal

I just realized that we have had twenty years of the Bushes and the Clintons. It has been a mediocre time in our nation's history, those twenty years.

Some look back with nostalgia to George Bush I. He seemed like a decent, humble, prudent man. At least he seems that way now, in the light of what has happened since: the tawdry Clinton scandals, then the dishonorable years of George Bush II.

Word from the Hilton

Aunt Olla called this morning. I asked her how things were at the Hilton.

"I don't know," she said, sounding ominous. "We're having a lot of hamburger."

After some interrogation, it came out that hamburger is the poor man's food and Olla is really worried about what Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty is doing to nursing home funding. Evidence? Hamburger seems to be their staple in the dining hall. Also, carrots. Carrots every day. And everybody knows how cheap they are.

Sad, but true

The Star Tribune's Jim Souhan brings out the truth of the matter: If Johan had wanted to stay in Minnesota, he would still be in Minnesota. In fact, he wanted out. There was never a back-and-forth negotiation between Santana's agent and the Twins after Santana rejected the Twins $90 million offer. Santana had started to make noises about leaving last August, saying he wanted to go to a team determined to win a World Series soon.

I feel jilted.

Leaving Tucson

It is always difficult to leave Tucson. I love the warm temperatures. I love driving with my window down in January. I love wandering the parking lot while they change my oil, basking in the rays. I love walking outside at night and having it feel like a September evening after a frost. No mosquitoes. Bright star light.

Today, a man yelled at me from across the condo parking lot. "You must be from up north!" I asked him how he knew. He pointed to his sweater, then my T-shirt and said, "you northerners are running around like it is warm out!" I would call the upper 50s warm.


John McCain's victory in Florida means he is in the driver's seat for the nomination. That is good news. As blogger Andrew Sullivan points out, if McCain is nominated by the Republicans, torture as American policy will end no matter who wins in November.