Archive - Jan 9, 2008

Tubac art shop


The Santana trade rumors, so hot a month ago, have been on the back burner lately. However, I think the Yankees are going to do something, and I think the Twins have realized that the Yankees have offered the best deal.

Clinton and McCain

Quite a surprising result on the Democratic side. Clinton stemmed the tide. And McCain...once given up for dead, is back. I wonder if independents, of which there are many in New Hampshire, didn't drift back to the Republican side to vote for McCain 1) once they decided Obama was going to win and 2) in order to derail Romney, who apparently isn't very well-liked in the state. You also wonder if Obama's supporters, some of the new ones, might have lost some motivation once the polls yesterday showed him winning going away.


After an aborted trip up to Mt. Lemmon--despite the 64 degrees and sunshine in Tucson, apparently the road to Mt. Lemmon was icy and impassable--we headed down to Tubac, AZ, a little artsy-fartsy town near the Mexican border.