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There it is, right on a piece of campaign literature: "He's not who you think he is."

Paranoia in a nutshell.


There goes George Will, talking sense again. Plus, a defense of Sarah Palin's intelligence.

October 30th

Competition and comparison

I think we both compete and compare much more than we would have to.

I love to watch sports competition, especially between two baseball teams. And when I watch, I want both teams to play hard and I get mad if the players don't play to win--within the rules, of course.

But what about other endeavors? Like writing? It makes me very uneasy when writers are ranked, even when it is in the form of a compliment to yours truly.

Visit to the Hilton

Went in to see Aunt Olla at the Hilton today. The main goal was to get her birthday money out of there and into my custody so the county doesn't find it her drawer and raise the rent.

We rolled out into the courtyard for a little while. Last time we tried to catch some fresh air, it was too cold, but today was perfect, so we spent about fifteen minutes in the sunshine.

Indian summer

It sure is beautiful out this morning. Looks like we might have a couple of days of this. The guys are working hard to get the trees and shrubs dug before freeze-up.

Parts of the Red River Valley are suffering from too much moisture. A friend wrote from the Wahpeton area that he has 900 acres of beets still in the ground. With every rain or snow, the soybeans become more difficult to harvest as they sink closer to the ground.

So, with just a few days worth of trees to get out, we are sitting in pretty good shape here at the nursery.

October 29th



October 28th

Northern shrike, formerly a Gray jay


A recently unearthed video of Barack Obama discussing the courts and "redistributionism" has led to charges that he is a socialist.

Let's be clear here: To some extent, we are all socialists. If you benefit from agricultural subsidies, you are benefitting from socialism. If you receive benefits from Medicare and Medicaid beyond what you contributed, you are benefitting from socialism.

Social Security is really one of the least socialist of government programs because it is not redistributive. It pays out according to what you paid in.

October 27th


Pardon the gap in postings, regular readers, but this cold weather has made me lazy as a cat by the fire.

Saturday, I had a fun time at North Buffalo River Church near Kragnes, MN. The pews in the modern building were full, and the ladies, there for a luncheon, were lively.

Then, Sunday morning, we awoke to snow. Boy, was that a blow! It all melted by late afternoon, but winter is on its way, it is clear.

There have been two projects involving recording on my plate.

October 24th


Last night's concert in Ada went fine. They have a beautiful new auditorium at the high school with theater seats and a stage, as well as a grand piano, so it was a good venue and a nice crowd of old friends. I seem to know more people in Ada than in any town other than Fertile.

The first half of the program was classical music and it went fine until I hit the last two pieces. Must have been tired. I crashed and burned on the Rachmaninoff and my attempt to play only an excerpt of a Chopin etude ended with me jumping prematurely to the end.