Archive - Dec 12, 2008

Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune takes a look at a matter near and dear to my heart.


Many of you are already connected to the weblog written by Cousin Anne. (If you haven't been there before, please page back through the archives for a mass of fantastic photography.)

Now, I find that Cousin Laine, editor of Experience Life magazine, also has a blog.

Zero degrees

Picked up Aunt Olla at the Hilton this afternoon for a scheduled trip to the drugstore uptown, then an additional stop at Encore, and finally coffee at the cafe.

It is cold out. Very cold. And windy. So, it was a bit more of an adventure than we bargained for. Aunt Olla isn't real steady on her feet lately, so we used the wheelchair everywhere we went.

Remember When

This is taken from the "Remember When" section of today's Fertile Journal. It is a quote from the paper in 1898, when newspapers still dared tell the truth:
Obituary poems impose needless work on the printer, do not alleviate the afflicted and are distressing to the living. Worst of all, they contain little that is poetic and less that is true.