Archive - Dec 14, 2008

Birds flying backwards

With the high winds outside, the chickadees and finches are having difficulty making a landing on the feeder. Those that try to approach the feeder into the wind get blown backwards, away from their goal. So, the smarter birds start out on the opposite side of the feeder and then try to catch it as they blow past it backwards. Fascinating to watch.

Awaiting the Blizzard

Went to town today to get milk. That's something you don't want to run out of during a blizzard. Also stopped for chili at the cafe. Very good.

The grocery store was busy with people anticipating a blizzard.

It looks like the storm is rolling in a little more slowly than predicted, but when it comes, it is supposed to pack some punch.

I just turned on the Weather Channel and was surprised that they had a customized forecast on the screen for the 56540 zip code. I am probably about the last one to catch on to that little novelty. Kind of neat.