Archive - Dec 23, 2008

Political stuff

• Nobody is qualified for office because they are related to a famous president. This Caroline Kennedy thing is just nuts. Instead of swooning over dynasties, you'd think we'd have learned by now to treat them with suspicion.

• Obama's choice of Rick Warren to invoke at the inaugural is perfectly fine. I don't care which theistic poobah they bring in to perform the hocus pocus. He's as good as any.

Early Christmas with Aunt Olla

Despite the cold temperatures, Aunt Olla was game to come out to Mom and Dad's for supper this evening. It was a good time. She was in fine form, telling stories and cracking jokes. The biggest challenge: The carpet. The Fertile Hilton has tile floors on which you can just shuffle along. Shag carpet after months of shuffling is a rude awakening.

Mom made a big meal. Pork chops, squash soup, riced potatoes, gravy, corn, parsnips, beans and carrots. Olla seemed to eat pretty well.