Archive - Dec 2008

December 9th

Crazy news

Today's collection of news is particularly nuts. Lots of people ruining their lives in stupid ways.

A North Dakota official resigns after pleading guilty to stealing an envelope full of cash he found on a convenience store counter.. Illinois governor arrested for trying to sell Obama's open Senate seat...three people in Stockton, CA arrested for holding a teen boy prisoner for over a year...West Fargo man sentenced for exposing himself to young children...Thief River Falls nurses sentenced for posing as doctors to get perscription drugs...O. J. Simpson...oh, never mind.

December 8th

Random comments

•Could there be any better pre-Christmas economic stimulus package than a two-dollar-per-gallon drop in the price of gasoline? That's money available for spending immediately.

•As much as I enjoy the drop in gas prices, I hope we continue to develop domestic energy sources with as much urgency as when gas was near $4.

•North Dakota has a $1 billion surplus while Minnesota has a $5.6 billion deficit. It is unlikely that Minnesota's plans to annex North Dakota will go very far.

Aunt Olla watches Anne of Green Gables

Aunt Olla called yesterday. The local public television station was on a fundraising break during their broadcast of Anne of Green Gables, and she kind of wanted me to tune in.

Olla's roommate at the Hilton, Bernice, shares so many of Olla's tastes. It is so fortunate that they have found each other. Bernice's family has claimed Olla as their own, so Bernice's company is Olla's company as well, and visa versa.

December 6th


The sun was setting as I passed through Syre, MN tonight. The golden light shone off of some grain bins.

December 5th

Fun at Hawley Senior Living

When I got to Hawley Senior Living, this ferocious bunch awaited me. 

December 3rd

Hawley, Barnsville

It was a confusing day. I had a difficult time waking up and then everything seemed to fall apart, including my ability to think straight.

December 2nd

Hilton visit

Visited Aunt Olla at the Hilton today. She had stacks of things on her bed for me to review, including some handwriting analysis done for her by some mail-in expert in the 1940s. Who knows how much she paid for the analysis. It came back with generic positive comments: "Despite your friendliness, you are determined to get things done." Olla thought it was pretty uncanny, but she knew I would take a dim view of it.


Somebody agrees with me that those who screwed up should show some shame.

Margaret Philpot

Okay, here is an 82-year-old blogger who doesn't hold back! Read down a ways.

December 1st

Wood stove

After several attempts, I finally got the wood stove going. It took about 1/2 gallon of diesel. I didn't think the woodpile was that wet, but boy, it sure was stubborn to start. Then again, I am not much of a Boy Scout.

The wood heat feels much better, even though it still amounts to hot water going through the floor. When you are on off-peak electric, they shut you off quite a bit. When they turn you on again, it can get quite warm on the floor before the news gets to the thermostat that it is quite warm. With the wood heat, it is more consistent.