Archive - Jan 2008

January 17th

A trip back

This isn't the first time this great collection of pictures has appeared on this website, but the Library of Congress has added a few more thousand color pictures from the 1930s and 1940s since the time I last pos

January 16th

House finch it is

An email just arrived from weblog reader Jerrianne in Alaska which contained this recording of a house finch. By gum, that is what the bird in the third picture below sounded like. Nothing like the bird in the second picture below sounded like this afternoon, but I guess they talk about different things at different times of the day, those birds do. Clever little beasts.

Bird mystery

Thanks for the feedback on the identity of the third red bird below. So far, the results are: 2 votes for house finch and one for pine grosbeak.

However, although the picture doesn't show it, the bird was absolutely tiny, and it had a complex call. The house finch that I took today, second picture below, had a very simple call.

The pine grosbeak is too big, I think.


January 15th

Red bird

This little cutie was singing like crazy today in the condo complex. It took a long time to find him, even though I identified the small tree in which he was hiding. His call was complex and varied. Almost like talking. If anybody can help me identify him, I would appreciate it. I am stymied.


Just finished watching the Democratic debate. Hillary is sharp. She clearly won tonight's round. Obama's the better stump speaker, but Hillary is pretty darn sharp in debate. I still think she could be more human--I mean, when they asked when exactly did she decide to run for president, why not tell the story? Where was she? Who did she tell? Instead, she started going on about change and hope and other abstractions.


Today is the seventh anniversary of the controversial online encyclopedia. Check out the last paragraph in this entry for Halstad, Minnesota to get an idea of the fallibility of the concept. Anybody can make an entry. Anybody can edit an entry. Nobody can trace who did what. Fans of Skitch Henderson might debate the assertion that Adam Lee is the "one and only" notable person to come out of Halstad!

January 14th

Email forwards

Disheartening: I have been getting many email forwards from people who seem respectable enough, but see fit to send along word that Barack Obama 1) attended a Muslim school 2) refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag 3) is secretly Muslim 4) is part of a Muslim plot to take over the United States.

These emails come with a line inserted at the top: "Don't know if this is all true, but it is something to think about." Or, "Please pray! Our nation is in peril!"

Sabino Canyon

Today Lance, his little brother Jonny and I headed a few b

January 13th


Boy, the tone sure has changed in the past few days on the Democratic side. Clinton just can't seem to open her mouth without issuing a barb at Obama, and to his discredit, Obama has at times gotten prickly in return. I think he took the New Hampshire lost a little harder than it first appeared. Like many, he thought he was on his way to a coronation.