Archive - Jan 2008

January 13th

Perfect day in Tucson

Seventy degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Well, one cloud is what I counted this morning. And by the time I had finished my walk, it was gone.

And, it was a Sunday, so when I went out for a walk this morning, traffic was quiet. The condo complex is actually quite beautiful, so a walk around it, which amounts to 1/2 mile, is truly pleasant, especially when the people who are usually walking their dogs are still in bed.

January 11th


The javelina is common in the wild around Tucson. They can be mean, but some people have them as pets.

Gray fox


Desert Museum

Lot's of fun at the Desert Museum west of Tucson today. The prairie dogs are always engaging, and the hummingbird house was filled with the little charmers.

January 10th

Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon, a Tucson landmark, is only just over one mile from the condo, yet it wasn't until today that I made it over to the park. A free annual pass came with the condo, which was nice.

Turns out that the rain in the mountains had caused flooding only a couple of days ago which actually stranded 16 people up the canyon. The paved trail washed out half-way up the canyon. Today, the upper half of the canyon was closed. However, there was plenty to see in the lower reaches of the park.

January 9th

Report from the Hilton

Called the Fertile Hilton tonight to see how Aunt Olla is doing. She apologized for not calling me as she has been so busy that the days are just flying by.

Olla was thrilled, of course, that Hillary won last night. She stayed up to watch the results. However, Hilton employee Truman, who loathes Hillary, was taking a collection at dinner today to cover the moving costs he will incur when he moves to Norway if Hillary Clinton is elected.


January 8th

Tubac art shop


The Santana trade rumors, so hot a month ago, have been on the back burner lately. However, I think the Yankees are going to do something, and I think the Twins have realized that the Yankees have offered the best deal.