Archive - Jan 2008

January 8th

Clinton and McCain

Quite a surprising result on the Democratic side. Clinton stemmed the tide. And McCain...once given up for dead, is back. I wonder if independents, of which there are many in New Hampshire, didn't drift back to the Republican side to vote for McCain 1) once they decided Obama was going to win and 2) in order to derail Romney, who apparently isn't very well-liked in the state. You also wonder if Obama's supporters, some of the new ones, might have lost some motivation once the polls yesterday showed him winning going away.


After an aborted trip up to Mt. Lemmon--despite the 64 degrees and sunshine in Tucson, apparently the road to Mt. Lemmon was icy and impassable--we headed down to Tubac, AZ, a little artsy-fartsy town near the Mexican border. 

January 7th

Rainy day in Tucson

No pictures today. Pretty dreary, although the temperatures still were in the sixties. I see that back home the temperatures were in the upper 30s, so the differential between Tucson and Fertile was down to twenty-some degrees. It is still worth it to be in Arizona.

January 6th


A Minnesota physician has made it his vocation to photograph some of the 350 million children in the world who are forced through circumstance to work, some in good conditions, most in less than safe situations.

January 5th

Cloudy, but 70 degrees

Can't argue with the weather in Tucson, even if the sun is hiding behind clouds from that weather system which is pummeling California. By the time weather from the west hits Tucson, its teeth seem to be knocked out. Today was mild, a bit breezy, but seventy degrees. Walking around outside was perfect.

For the first time since I started researching the Halstad project started one year ago, I have sunk my teeth into a good book. Our little household is pretty quiet as Lance works on organizing his photography portfolio and his brother Jonny reads a sci-fi novel.

January 4th

Perfect day in Tucson

January 3rd


To restore the moral order of the universe, an order which was disrupted when I blithely took off for warmer climes, two things happened today: The weather back home started to warm, and I came down with a miserable cold. I suspect it has something to do with the vagaries of the trip to Tucson. I left my cap at home, thinking I wouldn't need it--but we ended up spending a lot of time outside in cold weather in Denver and Santa Fe. I needed somebody to say, "put a cap on, young man, or you'll catch your death of a cold."

January 2nd

Saguaro arm

Giant saguaro take 75 years to put out their first arm. Here is a tiny arm emerging from a saguaro on the mountain behind the condo.


The myth of Iowa was created by Jimmy Carter. He emerged from almost complete obscurity early in 1976 by winning Iowa after spending months and months there. The utter shock of him winning the state propelled him to the Democratic nomination and to the White House.


Here is the view from the balcony towards the Catalina mountains.