Archive - Feb 2008

February 29th

Olla concedes

Talked to Olla this afternoon. She was busily watching CNN. David Gergen was giving some compliments to Hillary, so Olla was thinking that Hillary might stand a chance now. However, last night, she in fact conceded to nurse Truman that Hillary probably wasn't going to win Texas.

She finally came out and asked who I supported, and I told her, and that just didn't go over well. A while later, she came back to it: "I can't believe you're behind Okabama!"

February 28th

Obsolete message

We won't be producing any more posters like this anytime soon.

February 27th


John McCain had a good day. He denounced a frothing radio hate-monger who warmed up the crowd for him yesterday by calling spitting out Barack Obama's full name as an epithet. McCain looked like an authentic gentleman. The radio hate mongers, including Limbaugh, of course took umbrage to the offending radio host being "thrown under the bus." Tough beans. These people should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Santa Fe sunset

Tonight, Lance caught what he says is the most spectacular sunset he has ever witnessed. It features a lenticular cloud, a type of cloud Lance claims he has told me about a dozen times but I wasn't listening. Probably true. It took this picture to get my attention. The picture isn't edited or enhanced in any way.

What a difference thirty degrees makes

Compared to one week ago, it is about thirty degrees warmer. It feels downright warm outside. Now, instead of feeding the wood stove two or three times per day, it only takes one fill per day. I can keep the pickup outside instead of inside the garage without feeling like I am causing it harm.

February 26th


I find myself unable to overcome my head cold. So I sleep. Take medicine. Sleep. Gurgle. Cough. Reading is pretty difficult. Food doesn't taste good. All typical stuff, but still annoying.

Debate ending

Well, I watched the whole thing with the exception of the first five minutes. Do I get some sort of medal?

Such stupid questions.

Two good, smart candidates.

It was a low-scoring pitching duel. Great in baseball, boring in politics.

Debate, cont.

Russert is really making a fool of himself, which I think he's pretty good at. Obama had a good response on the foreign policy front––completely sensible.

I still think Hillary is looking really angry.

Smile a little

This debate is slogging along without much levity. Tim Russert is sort of clown. He's into "gotcha" questions. He somehow thinks that is journalism. Dig up old quotes. Present false either-or choices and then press for a yes or no answer like an ornery trial lawyer.

Right now, Hillary looks like she's trying to lighten up a bit. She's not too successful thus far. However, Obama is tensed up. He's trying to relax, but he's been thrown off a bit by Clinton's aggressiveness. Not seriously, but enough to lose his sense of humor.


Wow, Hillary looks angry tonight. I couldn't bear to watch the first part, but couldn't resist turning on the debate. So far, she's looking a little shrill. It's pretty tense in Cleveland.