Archive - Mar 2008

Twins 3 Angels 2

You couldn't ask for a better Opening Night. This morning, I wrote a column which ended up featuring Carlos Gomez, and sure enough he had a great game tonight. What a treat he is to watch. Just as big a treat was watching the post-game interview and hearing his bubbly Spanglish. As he answered one question with a bunch of enthused gibberish, all I understood was the last phrase, which, "and that is why I am very happy to-DAY!"

I think we have a new charmer in center field.

Long weekend

It was a fun weekend, filled with nursery promotion.

On Friday, I went up to the Alerus in Grand Forks and set up a booth at the Home and Garden Show. That went until nine, at which time I drove down to Fargo and checked into a hotel.

March 28th


Yesterday, I went to the Lutheran Memorial Home in Halstad to entertain the troops there. I go about twice per year, so I am starting to get to know the faces, if not the names.

Friendly faces. People who have been customers for decades. One woman is now 98 and just stopped gardening last year. We had good rapport. I played a waltz and asked the crowd if they knew the song, and she yelled from the back, "We should, you play it every time!"

March 27th


Yesterday morning, I spoke for an hour-and-a-half to a group in the basement of Kingo Lutheran in Fosston as a part of a Life-long learning program.

To fill the time, I sang, played, showed slides of birds, and talked about trees and plants. It went quickly. I recognized almost everybody, so it was a friendly, fun audience.

March 26th

More Santa Fe

Because of the usually mild temperatures in Santa Fe, there a lot of stairwells and entries that are half indoor and half outdoor, many of them picturesque.

March 24th

Santa Fe gift shop

An outdoor display in a narrow Santa Fe alley.


The lack of posting about the Twins doesn't mean I am not watching them carefully and looking forward to the start of the season next week.

I really do not know what the Twins will do this year. I never have been good at predictions, but other years I have been more confident about issuing them. This year, it is all unclear.

March 23rd

Santa Fe patina

This piece of furniture, along with the crock, is probably the best example of the texture of Santa Fe antique furniture. 

Hell's Forest

Check out Chuck Kimmerle's latest photos on his website. The Hell's Forest series are of Devils Lake. In his "recent work" category are some drop-dead great photos of shelterbelts and trees on the prairie.


Aunt Olla decided this week that it was time for the two of us to head out to Aunt Ede's for a visit. Yesterday was the day, and the agreement was that I would pick up Olla at two o'clock.

I felt pretty prompt as I walked down the Hilton's halls headed for Olla's room at precisely two minutes before two. But when I got to the room, Olla was on her roommate Bernice's phone. Turns out, Olla figured we were due to show up at Ede's at two o'clock, which meant that I should have been there at one-thirty, which meant Olla was in a panic.