Archive - Apr 2008

April 30th

Spring color

You can't beat coleus for riotous color in the greenhouse. They are easy to grow and can be brought inside over the winter. If you take cuttings, you'll have dozens by spring.

Nice win for the Twins

Last night's 3-1 victory was about as good as it gets for the light-hitting Twins. Bonser was in command. Neshek, Reyes and Nathan did their jobs. Kubel hit a home run with a runner on base.

Gomezmania has calmed. Carlos has a calf injury, and he can't wreak havoc on the bases if he doesn't make it to first base.

Left-fielder Delmon Young showed a cannon for an arm last night, throwing the ball some 250 feet to the cut-off man Brendan Harris, who wheeled and threw to first for a double play. The play was the highlight of the game.

April 29th

Wright, again

Barack Obama handled the Wright matter well today. Some people will never be satisfied, but I think it is clear that Obama was sincere both in his conciliatory speech in Philadelphia and in his more angry remarks today. He was correct in saying that Wright's comments over the weekend were disrespectful towards him, and he was right to be angry at Wright for grabbing the spotlight and using it to be divisive.

An additional bonus: Not only is Jeremiah Wright angry with Obama, but so is Al Sharpton. The angrier Obama can keep those two, the better off he'll be.

April 28th

Wright, again

Although the Moyers interview with Wright was good, I hadn't heard about Wright's other appearances this weekend and today. Judging what has come out so far, Wright is now a major embarrassment to Obama. By reiterating the worst content of his clips instead of concentrating upon the better parts of his ministry in this recent spate of publicity, he is going to force Obama to break with him completely.

April 27th

Moyers and Wright

If you've seen the sound clips and have made your judgement of Barack Obama's minister (and Obama himself) based upon them, listen to this fascinating interview of Jeremiah Wright by Bill Moyers.

You might not agree with everything he says, but the man is serious and his views are legitimate and certainly nothing to be worried about.


All there really is to do today is wait for the snow to melt. We have one couple roaming the greenhouses. I think they were motivated by a mad desire to get out of the house.

This weekend would have been a very big weekend had the weather been nice. If it had gone well, we could have done 5% of our annual business yesterday and today. As it was, we did 0% of our annual business over the weekend!

White-throated sparrow

April 26th

Strange weather

Two days ago, the winds picked up. As the air cooled, steam arose from the fields and blew around. The grass started to turn green.


It was just starting to snow last night at dusk. This morning, over a foot of snow, at least up by the house. Not sure what it is out in the open areas.

The birds are raiding the feeder. I went outside to dump the snow out of two of them. It was strange to feel the thawed, spongy ground underneath the snow.

I cleaned off my pickup with a push broom and went up to the office to get my camera. The greenhouses are groaning under the weight of the snow.

April 25th

Cool spell

I was going to call it a cold snap, but it seems that the word "snap" should be reserved for true January below-zero cold, not this edge-of-spring stuff. So, we'll settle for "cool spell," although that seems a little mild.