Archive - May 2008


Looks like the book on Halstad is about to come out. Place your orders!

May 29th



The Twins won again tonight. They need to beat up on the Royals and other weak teams if they are to do anything. However, last year the Twins showed a propensity to lose to teams they should have pounded. This year, thus far, seems a little different.

Tonight, Go-go Gomez had four hits. He also was caught stealing twice, which is not smart. But four hits! He's on a roll. And Kevin Slowey pitched his second straight win. Tonight's performance by Slowey was particularly excellent--a complete game win with a shutout until two outs in the ninth.

May 28th

Aunt Olla update

I called the Hilton this morning. Although it is clear that Aunt Olla's health is one step below what it was one week ago at this time, she is by no means defeated. Her voice sounds strong. Her good friend Sybil is coming up from Anoka to see her in the next couple of days, which is an inspiration. And she has an excuse to stay in bed and not go to breakfast, which she enjoys.

The good guys are winning

A look at the major league standings is inspiring: Tampa Bay, the low-budget team in the American League, is leading the powerful Eastern Division. The Yankees are in last place, where they belong.

The Twins are in second place in the Central. I did not anticipate that they would be this competitive this early. If they continue to get better, we could have a good summer.

The Seattle Mariners, the idiots who gave Carlos Silva $44 million, are in last place, just where they deserve to be.

Under the (beautiful) weather

So, it gets nice and I get a little bout of the flu. Or something. I slept through the entire day yesterday. Couldn't move. Achy, headache, stomachache, on and on. Didn't watch the Twins. Didn't surf the net. And this morning, so far, I feel fine. So maybe the bed rest helped.

Glad I didn't watch the Twins. Although they won, they blew a 3-0 lead in the ninth. I should say Delmon Young blew a 3-0 lead in the ninth by playing a blooper along the left field line into a game-tying inside-the-park home run.

May 25th

Olla returns to the Hilton

Brother Joe drove up to get Olla in Grand Forks this morning and bring her back to the Hilton. I think it will be a big relief for Olla to be home. She is not well, but after the tough times of the past week, she is still determined to live until September when the weather is more appropriate for a funeral.

May 23rd

It's not Paris

They called last night at 3 a.m. that Aunt Olla wasn't doing very well. She had asked for me, so I drove up.

When I got to the room, Olla was fighting for breath and was quite out of it. When she looked at me, she didn't show any signs of recognizing me. A little later, she greeted me and mumbled, "you're a comfort," before going back to the work of breathing. She also had a lot of pain in her back, so the nurse and I worked on that.

Eventually, I gave Olla some water. She was barely strong enough to suck on the straw.

May 22nd


We found this little cutie on the ground barely alive last week. 

Joe served him some sugar water. You could see his little tongue sipping, but there was little evidence of life except for a big occasional sigh. 

May 21st

A new grandma

They called from the Fertile Hilton just after midnight last night. Aunt Olla's heart was acting up. They were calling the ambulance.

I didn't get too upset. In fact, I was sleeping so soundly, the news barely registered.

An hour later, the phone rang again. It was the emergency room doctor in Crookston. He said Olive's condition was "very, very serious." He said it was unlikely she would make it through the night. We went through the instructions and I had to confirm the level of care requested with both he and somebody else on the phone.