Archive - Jun 2008

June 29th


Twins centerfielder Carlos Gomez, already a fan favorite, expounds on his haunted hotel room in Milwaukee, his habit of chewing his fingernails, and his penchant for very bright clothing.

Power poles on the prairie

Redwoods of the prairie

Erickson reunion

After nine months of anticipation, Aunt Olla succeeded in giving the Erickson clan a tour of their ancestral stomping grounds southeast of Twin Valley yesterday.

It poured rain. But no matter. They brought umbrellas and rain ponchos and an estimated thirty people drove in a caravan over muddy roads to look at a couple of farmsteads with historic significance as well as a few empty fields where their family homes used to stand.

June 27th

Oklee to Grand Forks

Traveled to Oklee this afternoon to perform for a group of Senior Citizens at the fair there. On the way home, I spotted these roses just east of Brooks. 

June 26th


Last night I was the entertainment for about 150 accountants of the county departments of Human Services throughout Minnesota. They were having their convention at Breezy Point Resort near Pequot Lakes.

I always try to figure out what the group will be like ahead of time, so as I was quizzing the woman who hired me, she finally said, "We're really a bunch of nerds!"

Well, that was a relief.

June 24th

Happiness is...

...a late night one-run game on the coast. The Twins lead San Diego 1-0. It is late in the evening of a hot summer day. This is what I look forward to in the depths of winter.

Boston street lady

Deduct the trip?

Culvert on Battle Road

The British soldiers didn't have to go through this culvert on their way back to Boston from Concord. However, in a concession to modern roads, Battle Road passes under a busy highway through this culvert.